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A person-centered, evidence-based program that will assist parents and their children in understanding and managing the behavioral problems that cause division and complication in the home and community. This service will assess the current need and educate both the child and parent on positive coping skills to manage life challenges. 

our approach

  • Create and Establish Consistency

  • Increase Self-Improvement

  • Maintain Accountability

  • Offer Experienced Support


  1. Preserve the integrity of the family.

  2. Prevent unnecessary out-of-home placements.

  3. Connect the child and family with the appropriate community agencies and services to receive assistance.

  4. Establish an ongoing community support system.

  5. Strengthen the family’s coping skills and capacity to function effectively in the home and in the community.


Referred applicants, ages 7-18, would be deemed appropriate if they are:

  • experiencing emotional and/or behavioral difficulties that cause distress in the home;

  • returning from out-of-home placement or at serious risk of out-of-home placement due to violent, aggressive, and/or uncontrollable behaviors;

  • receiving other services or access to programs that were not successful in decreasing the behaviors (school suspensions, police involvement, probation, psychiatric treatment, or hospitalization);

  • displaying or engaging in behaviors that are deemed dangerous, and the child does not understand that their behavior is as such (cutting themselves, inappropriate social behaviors, suicidal or homicidal intentions)

If you or someone you know is in need of help, complete our referral form and we will contact you.
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