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Community Crisis Stabilization services provide short term intensive mental health care to individuals who are experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. This includes safety planning, coping skills training to promote recovery, linkage to mental health professionals for long- term care, coordination with other providers, and linkage with community resources to promote stability.

our approach

  • Create and Establish Consistency

  • Increase Self-Improvement

  • Maintain Accountability

  • Offer Experienced Support


  1. Address and stabilize mental health needs as early as possible; and

  2. Prevent hospitalization and to reduce the mental health crisis so that the individual does not become at risk to the safety of self or others.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, complete our referral form and we will contact you.


  • Experiencing difficulty in establishing and maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to such a degree that they are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or homelessness or isolation from social supports.

  • Experiencing difficulty in activities of daily living such as maintaining personal hygiene, preparing food and maintaining adequate nutrition, or managing finances to such a degree that health or safety is jeopardized.

  • Exhibiting such inappropriate behaviors that immediate interventions by mental health, social services, or the judicial system or have been necessary.

  • Exhibiting difficulty in cognitive ability (such that the individual is unable to recognize personal danger or recognize significantly inappropriate social behavior).

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